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blog 05 shwrfloor01 thumbShower floors should drain properly and fully into the drain. 




Tile Styles is often called to inspect and repair shower floors installed by other contractors that have draining problems. If the water does not drain properly then stagnant water will cause mold, bacteria, and ultimately deteriorate the grout lines and eventually dislodge the tiles. It's too late to correct the problem in an efficient manner after the tile has been installed. During the original installation it is essentially important to verify that the floor drains properly before commencing with tile installation. It is at this point that easy adjustments can be made.
In this image to the right, the tile had to be chipped out which resulted in the lost of the original tiles. The floor had to be resurfaced and re-sloped.
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In this case the homeowner had complained that the tile was ponding around the drain in a "doughnut" shaped pond. The last draining water was not reaching the drain.

Fortunately for this customer we were able to remove this tile without damaging the wall tile and reinstall new tile without any visual compromises. The new floor looked great and drained better than ever.
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Another problem associated with shower floors is leaking shower pans. This means somewhere water is penetrating past the floor into the subfloor. This can cause serious and severe damage if not detected soon enough. Damage could include mold under the tile which cause dislodged tiles, or wet subfloors that damage not only the wood but if the shower is located on a second level then the ceiling of the lower room can be damaged notably seen the drywall. Leaking water will travel along the joists and cause damage much wider than the space the shower floor covers.

At Tile Styles we take these installations very seriously. We cautiously inspect the waterproofing, conduct a flood test, and verify drainage before moving on with the tile process.

Don't stand in puddles and don't get soaked.
Call on Tile Styles and we'll install your shower floor right the first time.
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