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License #C-34053 

consult_blogShopping through the variety of tile colors, sizes, and designs can be fun. During the process you will see many pricing methods. 



Some stores will offer a package price that quotes one price. Because the package price is bundle into one price, it doesn't allow you to compare the actual price of materials or compare the price of installation. To acheive the best results of your tile project, make sure you understand the details of the project. Planning ahead is the best advice. No one will understand the project better than the actual installers who have measured your house and may be installing the tile. After you understand the quantity of tile and the necessary accessories needed, then you can narrow your search for the tile to fit your needs.

Although most tile stores have move away from this practice, some tile stores still offer to coordinate the installation for you and manage the installation and ordering of tile. This coordination comes at a price that is often hidden in the package price and introduces problems relating to scheduling, quality control, installation issues. If you choose a package like this, be sure to obtain the "line item" pricing details of the tile costs separate from the installation costs. This step will allow you to compare the real costs with prices you have researched yourself. So if you decide to pay for this premium package price make sure the tile store assumes liability of ordering the tile and contracting the installer. Read the fine print in the order and contract. If the materials runs short, the store is responsible. If the the contractor fails, then store is responsible. 

Most tiles stores have moved away from this practice of getting in the middle between you and the installer because this practice introduces too many problem regarding who has the right information about your tile project and the liability in cordinating the project.

We are pleased to coordinated the whole process and guarantee that the materials are counted right and installed with care. Our goal is to provide you with the best installation while at the same time making it a stress free project.

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