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blog 02 measurelayoutMeasuring and ordering tile is not based solely on the size of the room. TIle Sizing, patterns, and layouts must also be considered.







The standard calculation for measuring room is length multiplied by width.




As seen in this diagram, a room measuring 5 foot 6 inches by 5 foot would measure out at 27.5 square feet.



However this would leave you a 6 inch piece at the doorway (assuming the tile was exactly 12" and not mentioning grout line sizing).






This layout may be fine with you however if you plan to have balanced or symmetrical pieces on either side, tub line and doorway, then you need to have a 9" piece/row at the tub and a 9" piece/row at the doorway. You will lose the 3" leftover of those tile.



So now if you recalculate the number of tiles cut and used your new square footage equals 30 square feet. It is also advisable to have additional full tiles leftover in case of future circumstances. In this example we would recommend ordering 35 square feet.



Industry standard recommends ordering 10% extra tile for installation cuts and to have remaining tiles. Tile Styles takes the extra step in verifying your pattern and layout needs to correctly order the amounts you need. As seen in this example we would recommend ordering more than the 10% industry standard.


In future blog articles we will discuss advice tips on ordering tile.

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